Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choices and Paths

If you know me personally, then you most likely know how I feel about certain political issues. If you know me casually or professionally, then you most likely have no idea about my political leanings.

Let me state this as clearly as I know how...Fox News, owned and operated in America by an Australian, scares me. I love my country. I always have. As a teacher, I have started each day in my classroom with a prayer followed by The Pledge of Allegiance. Many people in today's society think that teachers are godless, a myth perpetuated by "religious leaders" and talk show hosts in "The Main Stream Media." I assure you that's not true.

I've included a collection of videos that highlight exactly how Americans are being manipulated. Glen Beck, especially, scares me. With his "emotional, God-fearing, love-my-country act," he has taken a wedge and polarized our country like never before.

This first video is Beck orchestrating the Tea Party movement. Watch him in his full glory.

This second video is a spoof on Beck's stick. Jon Stewart captured the essence of Beck, strangely, by talking about Beck. It's like Beck on Beck, and it's brilliant.

For good measure, I've tossed in the latest from everyone's favorite Club-mate, Pat Robertson. You remember Pat. He ran for President once and ,inexplicably, lost. A few years later, he proclaimed that Hurricane Katrina was God's vengeance on that den of sin and iniquity. Now Pat claims that the Haiti earthquake was God's vengeance on the people of Haiti for signing a deal with the devil to gain their freedom from France 200 years ago. I'd like to hear Pat tell that to the surviving orphans at
The Foyer Des Filles De Dieu (Home of the Daughters of God). A friend of mine was due to land in Port Au Prince today on a mission trip to work with and teach the orphaned girls. The earthquake postponed that trip. Today she learned that five of the girls died along with the cook and his family.

Happy New Year!

I haven't had much to say so far this year. I can report that my body seems to sort have healed from my little encounter with one of our local general surgeons. Both sides of me seem to be working for now.

School is on an extended weekend holiday/midterm break. This break comes just nine days after our extended two week winter break. I'm anxiously looking forward to our long winter weekend break coming up in about two weeks.

Well, it's ten o'clock here in Roanoke, and I plan to watch a television show, Archer. We shall see if it's as good as its hype suggests. In case you're wondering, Archer is a new animated series on FX network. I hear that it's rather intense, funny, and edgy in a mature adult way.