Thursday, March 07, 2013

Handy Idioms

Back in 1981, Regents Publishing Company published Solomon Wiener's A Handy Book of Commonly Used American Idioms.  It's a fascinating read.  

Wiener included more than 1,200 commonly used idioms in his book, my copy of which was apparently purchased in Japan for 760 Yen.  Scanning the alphabetical list of idioms,  there are a fair number that I don't know.
  • According to Hoyle
  • All In
  • Back Number
  • Bobby Soxer
  • Carry Coals to Newcastle
  • Don't Give a Rap
  • Dry Behind the Ears
  • Eat One's Head Off
  • Fifth Column
  • Grass Widow
  • Have Drag
  • In the Jug
  • Keep the Wolf From the Door
  • Make a Clean Breast
  • Queer Fish
  • Serve One Right
  • Shift For Oneself
While the vast number of entries in the book are known to me,  the meaning of these eludes me.   Before you get all cocky on me and talk through your hat, you'd better mark my words and think over these very carefully.  For example,  I thought I knew what "All In" means, but according to Wiener, I don't.  Go figure.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

First Love

First Love

“I kinda started liking you after I had a dream,” she wrote. 

He read the note over and over, not believing his good fortune.  She was lovely.  The way she tilted her head and smiled.  Her clothes always smelled so fresh.  Her voice was quiet,  but he liked that.  She kept looking over at him from across the room, her eyes shimmering and sparkling. He couldn’t face her though, for she was much too close and tempting.  

Her persistence was dogged. “Do you like me?  Yes or No.”  Along with the words, a carefully constructed heart adorned the paper fragment.

He shook deep inside and dared a quick glance. Her eyes were there awaiting his reply.  He blinked and held her gaze as if he was holding her heart. Their relationship was fixed.

They looked at each other more boldly as time went on.  One day at recess, they even dared to hold hands.  Her hands were delicate and a bit sweaty, but he didn’t mind.  At the school carnival, they walked side by side and giggled through game after game.  As she turned to leave with her parents, she reached between the gap and kissed him quickly on the cheek.  

Her dream had become his.