Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I haven't posted here in a while. Facebook has taken a hold of me.


My son is getting married this Saturday. I can't believe that he is actually old enough to consider that, but he is.

He's marrying Trish Urick. They met while at Virginia Tech. Trish and Sam were both in the Corps of cadets. Trish was commissioned into the Army after graduation and Sam went into the Marines. She will be deployed to Kuwait for a year starting in late February. Sam recently finished TBS (Technical Basic School) and awaits the beginning of Infantry School. After that three month school he will await deployment, most likely to Afghanistan.

Callan is at VT and is working hard. She took a job at a local Southwest burrito place (Moe's) in addition to attending classes.

Jackie and I are still teaching, but it has become a chore. Many UNREALISTIC demands from people who don't seem to understand that they are being unrealistic.

Happy 2011.

Maybe, one day, I'll get back to blogging here.